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This is the club where you can ceaselessly and perpetually discuss concepts dealing with alternate history/reality as well as time travel, quantum mechanics and certain other related science fact and science fiction concepts.
In the multiverse of Sideways, there are three basic rules. The first rule of Sideways is don't tell people about Sideways. Naw! Just kidding! Actually, the first rule of Sideways is there are no priviledged frames of reference. What that means is that there are an inifinite number of possible events -- including events that you (or I) may personally dislike. For example, a Nazi-dominated Earth. Of course most of us would find such an alternate world very offensive. Even so, there's nothing in the laws of physics that say it couldn't have happened. And because there are literally an infinite number of points in the universe, positions of everything from elemetary particles to massive clusters of galaxies can be unlimited because points have no length, width or height. As a consequence, there are an infinite number of identical universes, there are an infinite number of similar universes, there are an infinite number of very different universes and there are an infinite number of radically different universes.
The second rule of Sideways is that alternate reality discussions must deal (primarily) with alternate worlds that have the same laws of physics as the one we currently inhabit. Though alternate physics isn't entirely out of the question, alternate worlds with the same physics as this one make alternate reality stories more "credible" and easier to relate to.
The third rule of Sideways is that there is no predetermination. If Event-A doesn't happen, Event- B is NOT GUARANTEED to happen in its place. For example, if Adoph Hitler were never born, that wouldn't guarantee that World War II would never have happened. It's possible that some worlds without Hilter have had a Second World War, while other worlds without Hitler were able to avoid the Second World War. The reason for this is that there are an infinite number of possibilities (as was explained in the first rule). Human events are not the focus of these possiblities because human events are the results of physical princilples and not the cause of them. So just because we make a big fuss about Hitler doesn't mean that the elemetary particles that constitute this and other universes care about Hilter's infamy too.
Anyway, that's basically how Sideways works. If that sounds like something you can get into, please get into it. Also, don't forget to visit the Sideways web site at:

"Had a dream that everybody looked like someone else
"And the farthest I could get from was the closest to myself
"Tonight I'll dream tomorrow's going to be that better day
In the moring I'll remember you sideways"

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